Why we choose Astro to build a website?

Date:February 2, 2023Tags:astro, website

Why we choose Astro to build a website?


Astro is a powerful JAMstack framework that helps developers to build a great content-based website for their projects. Astro is mainly known for its unique architecture and its outstanding performance, which ensures both the developer experience and user experience have a great time having it.

In ChatChatABC, most of the time we choose Astro to build a website, and we will explain why we choose Astro and why you should also use it for your next project. Let’s start!


We know that there are a lot of different JAMstack out there aside from Astro, such as Next.js, Gatsby, Nuxt.js, Hugo, etc., but how does Astro stand out from the rest? Here are some of the cool features that Astro has in their system:

  • Component Islands: A new web architecture for building faster websites.
  • Server-first API design: Move expensive hydration off of your users’ devices.
  • Zero JS, by default: No JavaScript runtime overhead to slow you down.
  • Edge-ready: Deploy anywhere, even a global edge runtime like Deno or Cloudflare.
  • Customizable: Tailwind, MDX, and 100+ other integrations to choose from.
  • UI-agnostic: Supports React, Preact, Svelte, Vue, Solid, Lit and more.
  • Content Collections: Type-Safe Markdown

Island Architecture

One of the cool things about Astro that made them different from any other JAMstack frameworks out there is the unique web architecture that they have which they call "Astro Island".

Astro Island: refers to an interactive UI component on an otherwise static page of HTML. Multiple islands can exist on a page, and an island always renders in isolation. Think of it like an island in a sea of static HTML.

island architecture

In short, you can use Astro to build a website that has a lot of reactive UI components that are built with any framework you want, such as React.js, Svelte, Vue.js, etc.

SSR or SSG on Astro

By using Astro, we can create website projects that are rendered in SSR (Server Side Rendering) or SSG (Static Site Generation) or both at the same time with Astro’s hybrid rendering technique. But choosing one of those two main ways (SSR or SSG) would greatly depend on your needs and resources for the project.

*For more information about SSRandSSG, both of them is the way how you would render your project website, either render it on a server (SSR) or render it on build time (SSG).*


Most of the time we use SSG instead of SSR, as SSG provides more benefits compared to SSR based on the projects that we develop here in ChatChatABC. One good thing about SSG is that it provides less cost for us and for our clients when deploying a content-based website for them. Aside from having low cost, it also provides better performance since there would be no unnecessary network calls from the server when loading the web page.

Outstanding Loading Performance

Another reason why we choose Astro is that it provides better loading performance for your static website than other JAMstack frameworks out there. One way of providing better loading performance is by shipping fewer JavaScript files/codes to your static website, meaning that your website would have lesser time to fetch and serve your main content to your users.

Astro Performance


  1. Improved User Experience: A fast website provides a better user experience, as users can quickly access the content they want without waiting for slow page loads or experiencing lag.

  2. Reduced Bounce Rates: A fast website can reduce bounce rates, as users are less likely to leave the website if it loads quickly and provides a good experience.

  3. Better SEO: Google and other search engines consider page load speed as a ranking factor, so a fast website can improve its search engine ranking and visibility.

  4. Increased Engagement: A fast website can increase engagement, as users are more likely to spend more time on a website that loads quickly and provides a good experience.

  5. Improved Mobile Experience: With the growing use of mobile devices to access the internet, it is increasingly important to provide a fast website experience on mobile devices, as slow load times on mobile can lead to higher bounce rates and lower engagement.


Astro is able to provide a great developer experience by providing a versatile environment for using various multiple JavaScript frameworks within their web architecture called Astro Islands. Astro also provides a better loading performance for your static websites by providing less JavaScript for your user’s browsers. Thus, building a project website with Astro is really good if you are planning to build a content-based website for your users and being rendered on build time (SSG).